We are very excited to be welcoming Gill to our Associate OT Network.

Working as a Moving and Handling Advisor, Gill’s areas of expertise include Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Training, Ergonomic Assessments, Single-Handed/Cost-Effective Care, Aids and Equipment, Bariatric Manual Handling and Equipment, Occupational Therapy Reablement, and Paediatric Moving and Handling.

Gill is skilled in navigating complex moving and handling scenarios and has a particular interest in single-handed/cost-effective care through the provision of equipment and increased efficiency.

In addition, Gill writes for a disability charity website and presents at national conferences.

Gill has travelled extensively overland by motorcycle and continues to enjoy motorcycle related activities. She also supports her partner’s classic motorcycle restoration business. Gill also has an old VW bay window campervan which she assisted in restoring and a classic VW beetle. She demonstrates patience, empathy and good problem-solving skills when working with classic vehicles and is able to transfer these skills to her working role to enable successful outcomes for her clients.

Welcome to the team Gill!