Vocational training feedback

Just thought I would feedback about the brilliant WSA course by ETS!    I can honestly say praise for the course. I heard conversations about how  it was really well organised ,both leading up to it and during the days. Lots of really positive discussions about the course leaders knowledge and how he delivered the content,  saying it was just enough info and how he  kept making it relevant to the associate role in of ETS. People were saying how nice it was to put names to faces and hearing how the company was set up and having the chance for a support group after the course has finished.

The second day people really hadn’t expected the opportunity to transfer learnt knowledge into such a huge site with a wide range of job roles.  To be let loose up those 6 floors up (with a supervisor!) was really unique. Personally, I haven’t been on a course where you had the chance to get stuck right in like that plus Kier and everyone there we spoke to were incredible and engaging, which added to the learning.

I heard lots of excited conversation about undertaking future work and how they would apply what had been learnt. It just felt like a good size group and a lots of forward thinking learning. It was so good so thank-you for allowing me to be part of it. OT North East