You are simply the best

For anyone to cope with life changing events, which were thrust upon them in the space of seconds, is difficult enough to cope with, but to experience everything you hold dear and cherish been taken away from you is another desolate experience.

Whilst my solicitor provides an excellent service legally, who looks after the simple everyday tasks which are now out of all proportion and seem to be the size of climbing the Eiger?

Step in ANITA DEVINE ETS, recommended by my solicitor, “Say no more, consider it done” is the moto; the DEVINE MS A and her team have been invaluable to me over these last two years. I only have to mention a problem or a query and immediately it’s sorted and not left in the pipeline.

How other people cope without this intervention I can’t imagine, but this service and its staff are invaluable in the all-round holistic care of the individual caught up in this situation.

Anita is a fantastic caring individual, a delight to talk to and always available when anything crops up. She deserves an award for all her efforts and involvement in people’s lives who have experienced life changing events.

In my heart felt words you are SIMPLY THE BEST!!X