Vocational Assessment and Treatment Services

For many people, work is an integral part of life, and it brings numerous rewards and benefits. The inability and or lack of opportunity to work can affect people in several ways which extend to all domains of life. Our Nationwide network of Occupational Therapists specialising in Vocational rehabilitation can work alongside your client’s rehabilitation programme, provide standalone vocational assessments or support career re-direction. Our Vocational Services are recommended for any individual who is aiming to return to work, having di­fficulty in attending work, maintaining their level of function whilst at work and or gaining employment or redeployment following injury or illness.

vocational services
“ETS are one of a select few of my ‘go to’ providers for case management and rehabilitation services.  Offering a great level of coverage throughout the UK, high quality case managers and a service that I can rely on to meet my clients’ needs.  In terms of the progress of the case management, it is essential that I receive regular updates to ensure that the cases proceed proactively, and this is something that I find ETS are particularly good at.”

Solicitor (Instructing Party)

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