Occupational Therapists

All vocational referrals are managed in house from receipt to completion.

ETS Occupational Therapists/Case Managers are able to provide the injured client with one point of contact which avoids confusion and provides reassurance throughout their vocational pathway.

Our wide range of vocational services are delivered by Enable Therapy Services team of highly skilled Occupational Therapists.

ETS highly skilled and experienced vocational case managers will liaise with employers, treating healthcare professionals and other agencies to facilitate the injured client/employee throughout their vocational pathway and arrange any appropriate vocational assessments; these are undertaken by Enable Therapy Services team of highly specialised Occupational therapists.

Understanding the demands a particular job places on whoever performs the role, helps to recruit the right personnel and keep them safe. The process grades the task components in detail and provides a thorough analysis of the processes. Highlighting the level of risk in tasks enables companies to apply a ‘leaner’ ergonomic approach, saving time and increasing productivity levels.

Determine a worker’s current physical ability to perform work duties, in order to help them return to work, or even gain new employment. Using a standardised activity-based approach (Matheson System) and focusing on abilities rather than limitations, this assessment identifies if the worker is able to match the demands of the job, in areas such as mobility, fitness, stamina, strength, agility, co-ordination and dexterity.

As Occupational Therapists we have the skills to conduct cognitive assessments, using standardised tools, in order to assess the workers ability to perform mental processes of thought such as visual processing, memory, problem solving or language. We can also perform dyslexia assessments in order to assess abilities and difficulties with tasks in the workplace.

A DSE workstation assessment is essential for all staff that use computers as a significant part of their work.

Our specialist Occupational Therapists are able to provide DSE and Ergonomic assessments in order to ensure that tasks, equipment, information and complement the individual worker.

  • A brief account of the current condition, very brief bullet point summary of presenting symptoms and impact on capacity to continue working in current role.
  • Brief summary of educational and vocational qualifications, brief work history, analysis of skills and level of training achieved in career so far based on above.
  • Outline of suitable jobs (within a salary range e.g. 2/3 of their original salary) taking into account their current restrictions.
  • Identifies any adjustments and accommodations that may be needed.

TSA plus job search

  • As above but includes information on actual availability on these roles through internet job site search within a radius of 1 hours drive from their home address. Typically provide details of the best 3 jobs of the job options identified

Basic Vocational Evaluation with face to face interview and career questionnaire

  • As for the TSA plus job availability search above, plus face to face 2 hour exploration
  • Interview to explore and validate information previously supplied on CV, communication and interview skills, hopes and fears in relation to a return to work.
  • Completion of interactive computer based career questionnaire Cascaid Adult Directions 2010
  • Vocational exploration based on the Cascaid results
  • No formal aptitude testing
  • A review of past job history and achievements, identification of transferable skills
  • A review of the impact of symptoms on current capacity
  • A cognitive assessment of aptitude to see level of current capacity
  • Personality and style questionnaires
  • A review through discussion of current interests, values, hopes and fears in relation to alternative work potential
  • Discussion and identification of specific work areas and interests
  • Information on the selected jobs and plans for accessing more information
  • Milestones to be achieved are identified in preparation for these alternatives
  • This assessment would be a combination of all of the Transferable Skills Analysis and Vocational Assessment.

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